S2 E2 Heath Snacks- Chickpeas & Kale Chips

Summer’s coming, which means it’s almost time for the beach! In Season 2, Episode 2, we chat about two healthier snack options: roasted Korean BBQ chickpeas and vegan bacon kale chips. Which do you think will prevail in our taste test? Listen now, and tell us what you think about healthy snacking!

S2 Ep 1 Baseball, Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Nothing says summer like baseball! Ever wonder how peanuts originally became a ballpark staple or where the idea for Cracker Jacks was first thought up? Have a listen to Season 2, Ep. 1: available today for your listening pleasure.

Episode 2 – Guava paste, Fun Surprise, and Fortune Cookies

In Episode 2, Megan and Lisa sample sweet treats from Colombia, embark on an in-depth analysis of apple varieties, and enjoy two snacks that both have surprises inside! Lisa offers up her culinary knowledge about ricotta salata before later revealing her skilled Scottish accent. Megan tells the story of her boyfriend’s indecent exposure incident (yes, it involves a cat) and the two attempt to pronounce a Chinese translation of “I have a fever.” Spoiler alert: they also give away the ending to Thelma and Louise.


Episode 1 – Pretzels, Poprocks and Astronaut Ice Cream

In Episode 1, we learn about the religious origin of pretzels and where vanilla comes from. Yumm. Megan’s particularly excited about a recent Coinstar cashout and Lisa reflects on the primal satisfaction of eating something while it’s still alive.